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Immigration Reform – Conservatism’s Next Great Battle

April 27, 2014 0 Comments

???????????????????????????????The battle lines for liberty in America today are clear: on one side we have Establishment Republicans and Democrats and on the other side we have conservatives. This is the battle that all conservatives need to put all of our focus into. We must defeat “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Our message must be clear and compassionate. I don’t want to see millions of families deported from our country. Families are the most important constituency of conservatives, and this includes the millions of hispanic families who have illegally moved to this country in search for the American Dream.

In order to win this battle conservatives don’t need to support miss deportations, instead here is the message I would promote.

Stop Illegal Immigration – Our borders need to be secure. We have to stop illegal immigration in order to have a liberal, ordered legal immigration policy.

Increase Legal Immigration – Legal immigration is good for our country. Immigrants tend to be the hardest working Americans. They are fleeing their failed countries because there are not jobs for them to support their families. They are coming here to work, and their industriousness is good for our country. The conservative solution must be to create a more ordered immigration policy that legally allows the best immigrants to come to join our American society.

No Guest Worker Program – At a time of high unemployment, it would be unconscionable to hurt America’s poor, unskilled workers by making the compete with cheap, immigrant labor. We need to create jobs for Americans who don’t want to become white collar workers. And today, many of these construction, landscaping and service jobs are being filled by illegal workers. I don’t believe these illegal workers are the enemy: they are here because they want a piece of the American Dream for themselves, and I don’t blame them. But through a more liberal legal immigration policy, we can ensure legal immigrants have a process to follow to come legally, and we can control the numbers so that wages rise for all Americans. A temporary guest worker program is solely a benefit for Big Business to suppress wages.

Conservatives might disagree with me on increasing legal immigration, but I believe that if we want to fundamentally change illegal immigration debate, this policy proposal has to be part of proposal. Let’s invite foreign college graduates to become permanent members of our society. Let’s invite all hard workers to legally become members of our society.

Once the borders are secured, then we should devise a plan to allow the illegal immigrants here today to legally apply for legal status. But, if they want to become citizens, they will need to go through the legal immigration process and compete with the legal immigrants around the world who want to become Americans.

Conservatives must stop the Establishment Republicans from caving into Big Business. We must demand that the border be secure. We must propose an increase in legal immigration. We must fight the temporary guest worker program. That is a winning message for the conservative cause.

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