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Lessons Learned from Cuccinelli’s Loss

November 6, 2013 0 Comments


1. Ken Cuccinelli could have won – It is a shame that Ken Cuccinelli lost the Virginia governor’s race. If he had the support of the Establishment Republican Party, he would have won.

2. The Tea Party is the life of the Republican Party – All of the energy within the Republican Party is from the Tea Party.

3. Establishment Republican Party lost the race – The Establishment Republican Party is scared to be conservative. The ran away from Cuccinelli because he was viewed as too pro-life and too conservative. If the Establishment Republican Party loses its conservatism, the GOP will die.

4. Reince Priebus must go – Reince Priebus did nothing to help Ken Cuccinelli win this race. After the 2012 election debacle, we should have fired Reince.

5. Virginia is still a purple state – Many in the GOP braintrust thought Virginia moved to a solid blue state after the 2012 election. WRONG! WE CAN STILL WIN VIRGINIA!

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