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The Great Disability Scam

October 7, 2013 0 Comments

Confirmation hearing begins for Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan in WashingtonLast week I wrote an article about how there needs to be a new agreement between all americans regarding welfare – From Great Society To Great Safety Net. The purpose of this new agreement is to rebuild trust in our society over welfare. I believe that providing a temporary safety net for all people who come on hard times is a conservative principle. Too many families lose their homes, have trouble paying for necessities and all too often face marital trouble when faced with a spouse losing his or her job. But we need to trust our society to not take advantage of the safety net.

The video below highlights one area that needs to be cleaned up. Millions of americans are abusing the Disability Fund. I believe that there is only one group of people that deserve long term help and that is people who suffer from a disability that prevents them from getting a job. But if people who aren’t disabled apply for disability benefits, they are stealing from society.

In the video below, 60 Minutes interviews Senator Tom Coburn about the rampant fraud taking place with respect to Disability Payments.

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