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America’s Unsustainable Debt

October 23, 2013 0 Comments

budget-debt-revenueThis is why some Americans believe we must fight for smaller government NOW. Since 1980, government debt has increased increased from than 1700%. And, in the last 12 years government debt has tripled.

If you want to understand why Tea Partiers are fighting so hard, it because we believe that America is at a tipping point. If we don’t stop the spending, the U.S. will go bankrupt.

Too many Americans don’t appreciate the pain that will be felt by our fellow citizens if America goes bankrupt. If we can’t continue to borrow funds,

  • Senior citizens will not have access to Medicare funds at today’s levels
  • Poor people will lose Medicaid funds at today’s levels
  • The most destitute of us will no longer be able to receive welfare payments at today’s levels

These consequences will be real. Millions of Americans will needlessly suffer.

That is why reducing our debt needs to become a bipartisan issue. That is why Tea Partiers are fighting so strenuously.

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